name: Yannette Queenie Aharon
moniker: Yannie | Yan | High Witch | Apostate
age: 50+
gender: Female
ethnicity: African English
species: Witch | Immortal
profession: Alchemist / Chemist | Botanist | Physician | Magier
Teacher | Astrologist
height: 5'2"
weight: 125lbs
preference: Sapioromantic Demisexual
marital: Single


How much could be sacrificed for the sake of the one you love most?

A couple's dedication to the perseverance of their child led to them committing a ritualistic suicide once the child was born. Feeling pity for this infant, she was taken in the knight who was in charge of investigating the grisly scene. He raised the child as his own and grew to love her dearly as one. Much to his relief, she showed no signs of magical attributes and thus appeared to be a simple, human girl. It wasn't until she became of age that things took a turn for the worse.

Unbeknownst to him, she had uncovered the notes left behind by her biological parents and following the clues, she managed to find the ruins of the old home. As she cracked the secrets of her history, she regained the magic of her bloodline and with it, the insignia of an unknown pact with a demon. This discovery was witnessed by a jaded suitor and his guard, who took it upon themselves to report her for being a heretic and a witch.

Despite her father attempts to protect her, the mob overwhelmed them and he was struck down in the process, their home burned to the ground. The maiden was brought in and found guilty of witchcraft. The suitor, feeling that she should have the appearance of a monster that they claimed her to be, gouged out her eyes and carved into her face, stripping her of her sight and her beauty before she was nailed to the stake to be burned. As she felt the fire crackle at her feet, all she could hear was the chanting of an angry mob turning into panicked screams of terror, the clapping of thunder and a monstrous roar.

After an hour or so of chaos, silence fell and she was released from her pyre by an unknown force. It told her that the deal had been fulfilled and that the creature had been sated of his hunger. In turn, he would grant her that which her parents had sacrificed their lives to give her: immortality and the power of an archdemon. She was now doomed to walk the among the living until the end of time or unless her head was completely destroyed.

With this twisted revelation in mind, Yannette decided to become a hermit, hiding in the wilds with only her wisps to assist her. From then on, to make amends with the world, she gives aide by any means possible, no matter how little the favor. She does this under the guise of a cloak and a mask, as she feared what would happen if people were to gaze upon her true face.


Yannette is blind, having had her sight stripped away by an incident concerning the Holy Church. She can no longer see the world and its beauty nor most of her friends.

Despite not being able to see by normal means, she is still able to have visions and can see certain entities if they're close enough to her.

She also believes that her face is still scarred from the mutilation and flames. She does not realize that she has fully recovered.

Yannette's house is given astra physical properties by an elder tree. This allows for her house to take on any form and traverse through any plane of existance.

out of character

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