Juwayria Sefu | Juju - Ju - Juwa | Of The Moonlight
Female | Xaela Au Ra | 5'4" | Black with Purple Tint | Moonlight Gray
White Mage | Biromantic Demisexual | Red Mage


Juwayria means Damask Rose. Sefu is Sword.
Juju learned to read from an Elezen man named Ioannes.
-He gifted her a copy of "LOVELESS".
-That book remains in her possession to this day.
The effect of her Echo has granted her moon colored eyes, which her family considered to be 'Nhaama's Blessing'.

A Short Tale

Juwayria was born to the Sefu clan, a tribe that lives out in the Coerthas Highlands. When she learned her proficiency with conjuring, she ventured to Gridania to master the practice. In her quest to prove herself worthy of her family name with the power she was bestowed, she ventured throughout Eorzea. She eventually returned to the Steppe once she found her true calling and took up Bardam's Mettle. Once her honor was solidified, she decided to return to Ishgard, where she remains unless called upon.