name: Naomh Rionach Cahir
moniker: Beautiful Loser | Kill Joy
age: 90s
gender: Female
ethnicity: African | Irish
species: Heretic | Werewolf
height: 5'6"
weight: 125lbs
preference: Sapioromantic Demisexual
marital: Single


Strength: XXXXX
Arcane: XXXXX
Intelligence: XXXXX
Agility: XXXXX
Skill: XXXXX


Naomh is the daughter of a hunter and a woman well attuned to the spiritual. Her upbringing was in rural Ireland close to the woods. It was far enough from civilization for it to be comfortable but close enough to a church to never miss a sermon. Because of this, she became a devout Catholic at an early age.

She proved to be an efficient rogue class huntress. Despite being in the constant shadows to others, she remained dedicated to the cause. Her devotion never faltered in cases where many would question their loyalties. Even suitors were irrelevant to her when she came of age. She turned many down as the could not match her sense of duty and honor.

When it came down to it, nothing else mattered to her and she soon lost sight of the world around her. She didn't notice the persistence of a particular man nor did she notice the watchful eyes of the wolves. It wasn't until she noticed the wolf pup at the doorstep of her grandmother's house did she realize that it was dire. Her grandmother had been in such a panic that she snapped the neck of the creature out of pure anger. As she tossed the corpse into the fireplace, the elderly woman warned Naomh about the wolf in her dreams.

Despite the weirdness of it all, Naomh focus on her assignments. Though she had finally took notice of the wolves that stalked her. Seeking more answers, the huntress returned to her grandma's home to see it in shambles. Her grandmother laid in a pool of her blood with a feral werewolf looming over the corpse. In a blind fury, Naomh attacked the beast but it used her rage against her and struck her down. It tore into her with her claws and bit into her shoulder before it left her there, presumably to bleed out on the floor.

When she came to, she was in the bed of the persistent man from before. He told her that he was a champion hunter and that he had tracked the feral werewolf for months. It was only until recently that he was able to pin it thanks to her. Unfortunately, he had been too late to save the women. Her grandmother was now dead and Naomh had the curse of lycanthropy.

Ever loyal, the woman remained a huntress to the church. Even as her family died out and her friends thinned, she looked to the church. It was her salvation and her duties gave her purpose. To her, there was nothing else but the cross.


Naomh has multiple scars from when she was clawed by the werewolf. She uses make up to conceal the scars but without them, they can be seen across her arms and chest.

The staple of every attire Naomh wears is red. It takes over at least half of her outfit. It is meant to represent her innocence lost.

Naomh has the brand of heresy on her right shoulder. It is usually covered by her sleeves. She is terrified of the thought of going feral. So much that she had limiters created in the form of collars and chokers. She does this to remind herself that she is a beast.

Out of Character

Yes. Uh huh. Another Red Riding Hood profile. Totally overdone. Moving on.

My inspiration stems heavily from the song Kill Joy by N.E.R.D.