name: Zakiyya Jaffe Lior
moniker: Zak, Zaki, Kiyya, Halo, Angel
age: 19 | May 15th
gender: Female
ethnicity: Jamaican
species: Mutant | Homo Superior
height: 5'4"
weight: 125lbs
preference: Sapioromantic Demisexual
marital: Single
song: So Much In the Dark


Strength: XXXXX
Intelligence: XXXXX
Agility: XXXXX
Power: XXXXX


Coming Eventually

Gilded Halo:

Zakiyya has a little halo that hovers over her head. It is made of an currently undetermined energy that is very dangerous to the touch. It is usually condensed so that it can barely affect others around her but she is capable of controlling the properties of the illuminating ring.

So Far She Can:

Increase the temperature, size, and radiance of the halo.

Split it into multiple rings that she can also the properties of.

-However, she can only make up to five.
Wield the rings as melee or projecticle weapons.

-Though not completely immune to the scorch, she is durable enough to hold the rings for a certain period of time.


This is an X-Men OC.

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