name: Domini Ante Walerian
moniker: Artifice VIII | Oneirataxia
age: 26
gender: Female
ethnicity: African | Latin
species: Genetically Altered Human
height: 5'8"
weight: 125lbs
preference: Sapioromantic Demisexual
marital: Single


Domini was adopted by a veteran who believed that raising a child would help him get over his own PTSD he developed during the war that eventually shifted the power in the world into Europe's court. However, it proved tedious for the child, as he often treated her like a soldier rather than a daughter, training her once she was able to walk, talk, and comprehend. She wasn't however, one to break under pressure, and didn't only excel in his personal training, but in her school work, as well. She was known as a prodigy in class, skipping grades and partaking in activities such as swimming, martial arts, and tech clubs.

Once she graduated high school, she enlisted in the armed forces. Where her talents drew enough attention to have her name picked for a new division known as Artifice. The division dealt with controversial issues. As Artifice VIII, she was in charge of muscle work and hardware repair. She worked until she was assigned to overlook a project designated with the advancement of human genetics as a bodyguard. She only offered her assistance when it was deemed necessary to do so.