name: Caoimhe Bréanainn
alias: Ainra Ka Jair
age: 18 - 26
gender: Female
ethnicity: African | Irish
species: Human
height: 5'3"
weight: 125lbs
preference: Sapio - Demisexual
marital: Single

The Spy

She's not much a vigilante. If anything, she'd be the one to give the goody two shoes any information they may need in order to keep the streets safe. Meek to a fault, she lacks the balls to be confrontational but lord, does she have a knack for gathering intel! Because of this, she's known as a rodent, a little pest that gnaws at things she has no business getting into. Not that she minds it, though. She always did enjoy the games of the chase that came with the job.

Born to a broken home as many did, Caoimhe learned at an early age that she needed talent that could get her far in life. She discovered that her curiosity led her down very interesting rabbit holes, including the infidelity of her mother and the fact that her younger siblings did not belong to her father. She kept this secret for years up until her mother tried to divorce her father and leave her behind with little to nothing. She had enough dirt on her dear mom to clear her dad of paying any sort of child support and since her mom signed away the rights to the only child she did have with him, was forced to pay for Cao up until she was 18 years old.

In school, she uncovered every seedy circle after her friend was forced into a routine of performing oral for a gang of jocks which led to at least seven people being expelled and forced to move away. She even went as far as to rat out one of the members for being a crossdresser and his father: a pedophile, effectively destroying his reputation. By the time she was off to college, she left behind ruin under the title "Eye".

Graduating without any incident, the woman pursued a career as a journalist but her desire to assist those that have been wronged led her to moonlight as a PI. She managed to solve anything from cheating spouses to crime rings that the police just couldn't crack. Unfortunately, she would bite off more than she could chew when she took on a particular job surrounding a shady company. In the process of going through encrypted emails, she was ambushed and her eyes were gouged out. She was then given a choice to die or work for them to which, of course, she chose the latter. By doing so, she was forced to undergo surgery to give her new, prosthetic eyes capable of camera-like capabilities. For several years, she worked for the company in order to save her own skin and by doing so was forced to damn others. Unbeknownst to them, she used their own technology against them, collecting incriminating evidence and then sending them to the authorities until they had enough to raze the corporation to the ground.

Standing in the ashes of a business that thought her a pawn, Caoimhe was free to collect any assets that she deemed viable for her survival and decided to remain in the shadows from that day forth. She remains a reigning force as an information broker but tracking her down has become more of a hassle than it was before.

The Extra

Ainra Ka Jair is the alter ego of Caoimhe. Her titles include Golden Blade Jair and Live Autopsy Jair.

She has camera-themed gadgets at her disposal. Flashbangs and smoke screens shaped like camera lenses, sleeping gas tucked away in film holders, the works.

There is a tiny slot meant for SD cards implanted just beside her right eye. She covers this up using a piece of tape and some makeup.
The SD works to save anything that her eyes capture, which she can later give to others or put into her own computer.

Caoimhe may appear to be confident and coy, but she has low self-esteem stemming from constant abandonment of those she was supposed to hold close. She doesn't believe herself to be worthy of anything 'good' such as relationships and would keep anyone at a distance knowing that someday, they'd leave her alone. This along with her profession being revolved around the spy work has led her to develop voyeuristic tendencies.

She absolutely adores creamy things, ice cream, peaches and cream, creamy sex on the beach (the drink)... it goes on.

She got a gift from Dinah Lance, it's a thermos with a crocheted bird on it. She's rarely seen without it.

Out of Character

I typically play Caoimhe to be 26. 18-24 Caoimhe is for pre and during corperate Caoimhe.